Party Packages

 Every zoo consists of baby farm animals.  We bring baby chicks, ducks (if available), rabbits, pot belly pigs, goats and/or lambs.  The larger zoo consists of the same with extra small animals and we add either a miniature horse or llama.  It will be my decision as to which one to bring.  

We set up a white picket fence and the animals are contained in open crates or behind a small wire fence.  The children are able to pick up the chicks, ducks and rabbits.  They can pet all the animals.  We also have baby bottles so they can feed the goats and sometimes we will have a pig that enjoys a bottle.  We provide hand sanitizer at each party and take care of any cleanups that are required.  

Our ponies are Shetland or Welch ponies who have been working for years providing a fun time for the little ones.  They are gentle and know their job.  We have a weight limit of 80 lbs on the ponies.

We can provide animals for a birthday party, church festivals, schools, daycares, or a large festival.  Also, the holidays are just around the corner so contact us today to reserve animals for Christmas Nativity scenes.

Below is a breakdown of the different packages we offer along with our prices.  All packages have a 1 hour minimum.  After the first hour each additional hour is 50% off.  Due to the high rise in fuel there may be a fuel surcharge added.  We are fully insured.  All prices are subject to change without notice. 

(Petting Zoo + Ponies)
1st Hour 1.5 Hours 2 Hours
1 Pony / 8x8 $285.00 $356.25 $427.50
2 Ponies / 8x8 $320.00 $400.00 $480.00
5 Ponies / 8x8 $360.00 $450.00 $540.00
1 Pony / 8x16 $335.00 $418.75 $502.50
2 Ponies / 8x16 $350.00 $437.50 $525.00
5 Ponies / 8x16 $375.00 $468.75 $562.50
5 Ponies / 16x16 $425.00 $531.25 $637.50
Petting Zoo Only 1st Hour 1.5 Hours 2 Hours
8 x 8 $175.00 $218.75 $262.50
8 x 16 $225.00 $281.25 $337.50
16 x 16 $250.00 $312.50 $375.00
Pony Rides Only 1st Hour 1.5 Hours 2 Hours
1 Pony $150.00 $187.50 $225.00
2 Ponies $185.00 $228.25 $277.50
5 Pony Carousel $250.00 $312.50 $375.00

If you are having an all day event we can offer a better discount.  Contact us for details. 

Need To Cancel?
Our policy is that we need to have at least a 4 hour advance notice of a cancellation.  If you need to cancel and we have already arrived at your site (or are en route) a full payment will be required.  It takes a lot of time to get the animals ready and loaded in the trailer.  In the case of inclement weather, you still need to call to cancel.  Also, we can setup the petting zoo in a garage or on a covered patio.  We leave the decision up to you.