Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we hold the animals?

Yes, we encourage the kids to pick up the chicks, ducks and rabbits. They are allowed to pet everything in the zoo.

2. Can we feed the animals?

We provide all animals with food and water before the party begins. We do allow the kids to bottle feed the little goats and sometimes a pig.

3. What is the minimum amount of time for a party?

We have a minimum of 1 hour.

4. Are animals caged?

We do not have animals walking around. Everything is contained in an open crate or behind a wire fence. Kids have easy access to all the animals.

5. What kind of animals do you bring?

We bring all baby farm animals. Chicks, ducks, rabbits, pigs, bottle baby goats and a miniature horse, llama or alpaca. The animals brought will depend on the size of the zoo being provided.

6. Are there any extra charges?

Due to the high fuel costs we may charge a $10-$15 fuel surcharge.

7. Are the animals clean?

All the animals are clean and healthy, friendly, kid safe and vaccinated.

8. How are the horses handled?

We have one handler for each hand-led pony. Our carousel is manned by 2-3 employees. They are trained to watch the kids at all times.

9. Is there a hand washing station?

Yes we provide hand sanitizer at all parties.

10. Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance?

Yes we will be happy to. If there is an additional charge from the insurance company, this cost will be passed on to the customer.